Stock collections

The Museum’s collection consists of about 50 000 exhibits, classified into history-ethnography, writings, photography, art, numismatics and auxiliary departments.

A set of furniture made of horns from Apytalaukis manor of the counts Zabiełło. The set of furniture was bought by count Henryk Zabiełło, an owner of Apytalaukis manor, for 5000 gold rubles in Paris. There, in the world exhibition, in 1900, the set was exposed in an exposition of the Great Britain and won grand prix. The furniture is made of horns of various exotic animals like sambar and barasingha deers.

Collection of crosses by Vincas Svirskis. The most famous Lithuanian artist Vincas Svirskis (1835-1916) had created about 250 crosses. Most of them were situated in an intersection of Kėdainiai, Panevėžys and Radviliškis districts. In the exposition of Kėdainiai Regional Museum there are 21 crosses made by the artist and some crosses and a cross-chapel made by his disciples. These objects of the sacral art are unique by their exclusive plastic and style, so-called ‘folk baroque’. V. Svirskis had an extraordinary talent. Apart his artistic skills, he also had a bent for technique. His try alone to create ‘an eternal engine’ of wood, speaks a lot about him!