Every month visitors can see new art and thematic exhibitions in LCHM. Many of the events have developed into a tradition – Autumn exhibition, Museum night, Theoretical readings within the framework of Potter Day. The offer is updated annually with new events – Birthday in the Museum, Stop of history moments etc.

  •   More than 25 art and thematic exhibitions a year (painting, graphics, sculpture, applied art created by local and visiting artists, exhibitions of Latvia museum stock collections, international exhibitions, traditional exhibitions – the exhibition of Latgale artists’ works “Fall”, the exhibition within the framework of Baroque Music Days, Rose exhibition in Rose city).
  •   Every first Saturday of the month is Family Day in museum, when the museum visit is free of charge.
  •   Thematic and literary musical events retracing past events and anniversaries of Latvia and Latgale, celebrating jubilees of very well known people, book opening celebration, etc.
  •   International Campaign Museum Night and International Museum Day on the 18th of May.
  •   Stop of history moments, where once a month visitors can have a look at some of the interesting events in the history of Rezekne, become acquainted with the streets and buildings of Rezekne and personalities in historical discourse.
  •   Museum reading room service for its visitors – a wide range of Latgale and exile literature, the books of Latgale Culture Centre’s publishing house, dictionaries, branch literature.
  •   A guided tour through the museum to look at the museum’s current and most topical exhibitions.
  •   Museum practice for students of Rezekne Higher Education Institution, Rezekne Secondary school of Art and Design, and other higher education institutions of Latvia.
  •   Birthday Celebration program for the curious ones (6–12 year-olds). There can be selected one of 3 themes of celebration:
  1. travel together with Clay Clump to the kingdom of Latgale ceramics, find yourself in an ancient market, learn about good and not so good work, play music with the whistles and discover what can be stored in large pots;
  2. celebrate your holiday together  with Rose – a Princess of Rezekne mound, listen to stories about luxurious palaces, princes and brave knights;
  3. participate in “archaeological” excavations, historical research, search for the magic key.
  • “Celebrate beautifully!” – a birthday program for ladies and gentlemen. Presentation and conversation about social gatherings and cultural life in Rezekne in the 30-ies of the 20th century. “In a saloon of the beautician Zinaīda Irbe you will smell the latest fashion trends of Vienna, powder dust will cover the mirror… Gentlemen will escort ladies to the theatre performance in Rezekne Culture House… Officers Ball is coming soon.”

Lectures, presentations, videos, experts’ advice, projects, a card catalogue, stock collection materials, and other opportunities will enrich your experience.


Keep up with current events:!/latgales.kulturvesturesmuzejs