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About the Project


The institutions of culture and education of the neighbouring regions in Rezekne, Grodno and Kedainiai are rich in unique tangible and intangible heritage that presents not only its local, but also the common aspect in the cultural environment.

As a result of the project it is planned to create an innovative product of cultural education and tourism with a united data base – the virtual museum that in a modern and attractive way will reflect the cultural historical heritage having been up to now comparatively statistic and will reflect its stereotypical interpretation. The virtual museum, which has been created with the help of the latest technologies, is interactive, offers various possibilities of participation, corresponds to the interests of the younger generation, invites the potential tourists and is easily perceivable. It provides the availability of the international data base for wide circles of society not only in the cross-border regions, but also in the whole Internet environment.

During the process of the development of the virtual museum it has been planned to organise conferences, educational and experience exchange seminars, activities of traditional culture in the regions of cooperation partners as well as to develop, explore and process data base. Descriptions of 1,600 unique entries and artefacts and a diverse way of presentation from the data bases of Rezekne Higher Education Institution, Latgale Culture and History Museum, the Museum named after M. Bohdanovich (Grodno), and Kėdainiai Museum will form the basis of the virtual museum; it has been planned in the future to supplement it with cultural educational riches of the mentioned institutions and involve new partners  from the neighbouring regions, thus providing the availability, inheritance of cultural educational values and a feed-back of fruitful functioning.


Aim of the Project


The basic aim is to provide access to tangible and intangible cultural heritage values for wide circle of society, creating a virtual museum and expanding exchange of cross-border experience in the field of cultural education.


The main task is to create a virtual exhibition, uniting research and practical experience of museums and showing cultural and historical linkage between three neighbouring cities – Grodno, Rezekne, Kedainiai.





Expected outcomes


  •   opportunity of the modernized conservation of museum resources and their increased availability to society;
  •   improved cooperation in research, educational and communication areas in the regions involved in cultural education;
  •   increased number of first-time museum visitors, especially young audience, in each of the participating museums;
  •   innovative cultural-educational tourism product – publicly available interactive virtual museum;
  •   opportunity for students and researchers to use the database for research needs;
  •   opportunities of museum practice and cultural education in participating territories.

Estimated outcomes


  •   4 cultural and educational institutions have created a virtual museum, which contains 4 collections: “Concepts of Latgale”, “Ceramics of Latgale”, “Old crafts in Kedainiai”, “Literary Grodno region”
  •   3 museum visiting cards in video format
  •   4 traditional cultural activities in each of the Member States: Potter days in Rezekne, Folklore and crafts traditions festival in Kedainiai, multicultural literary tradition in Grodno, literary musical Andrew’s day in Rezekne
  •   3 educational seminars (1 in each of the Member States)
  •   experience exchange visits, exploring specific features of each partner’s cultural education
  •   final conference – presentations of project work products and research
  •   common project symbolism in presentations
  •   renovation of the museum premises and the purchase of technical equipment




April 24–26, 2014, Rezekne, Latgale Culture and History museum

Educational seminar “Virtual museum. Ceramics of Latgale” (April 25)

Latgale Potter days (April 24–26)

Opening of Latgale Pottery exhibition (April 26)


May 22–23, 2014, Kedainiai, Kedainiai Regional Museum

An educational seminar “Virtual museum. Old crafts in Kedainiai “(May 22)

The exhibition “Craft Traditions in Kedainiai region” (May 22)

Cultural event “Exploring folklore and crafts heritage of Kedainiai region” (May 23)


June 2014, Grodno

An educational seminar “Virtual museum. Literary Grodno region”


November 28–30, 2014, Rezekne, Rezekne Higher Education Institution Closing Conference (November 28–29)

Opening of the exhibition “Concepts of Latgale” (November 28)

Literary musical event “Andrew’s day” (November 30)


More information will follow shortly.



On January 10–11, 2013, there was a project opening conference in Latgale Culture and History Museum.

About the event:


On March 21–23, 2013, the first experience exchange seminar took place in Grodno.

On April 17–19, 2013, the second experience exchange seminar took place in Rezekne.


About the event:

May 23–24, 2013, the third experience exchange seminar took place in Kedainiai.


Leader partner

Rezekne Higher Education Institution (RHEI, Latvia)


Latgale Culture and History Museum, and (LKHM, Rezekne City Cuoncil, Latvia)

Kėdainiai Regional Museum (KRM, Lithuania)

The Museum named after Maxim Bohdanovich (Belarus)

Implementation period

1st December, 2012 – 30th November, 2014




Atbrīvošanas aleja 115,

Rēzekne, Latvija, LV-4601




In Latvia: Ingars Gusāns, a project administrator, ingars.gusans@ru.lv

Indra Brivņa, a project coordinator, indra.brivna@rezekne.lv

In Lithuania: Rimantas Žirgulis, a project coordinator, kedainiumuziejus@gmail.com

In Byelorussia: Svetlana Rapeckaja, a project coordinator, rapeckaja@mail.ru