Stock collections

Today the museum holds more than 67 000 units, including the base stock of more than 50 300 items.

The museum stock collection items chronologically cover the period from the Neolithic era (the end of the 5th millennium BC) till nowadays. The exception is a unique nature exhibit – a 10 000 year-old aurochs’ skull.

The collection of Latgale ceramics

  •   Archaeological ceramics and expedition acquirements
  •   Ādams Kāpostiņš’ household dishes and toys
  •   The works of Silajāņu old masters – Andrejs Paulāns and Polikarps Vilcāns, who got gold medals in the World exhibition of Art and Technique in Paris in 1937
  •   The works of Latgale pottery old masters, ceramics of Polikarps Čerņavskis and Ušpeļu family
  •   Traditional and experimental ceramics of present-day masters of Latgale

The collection of Latgalian literature

  •   The books and newspapers published in Latgalian from the 18th century till nowadays
  •   The first Latgalian newspaper “Gaisma”
  •   The publications of typography “Dorbs un Zineiba”
  •   The books of Latgale culture centre’s publishing house
  •   The books in Latgalian published by V.Lōča publishing house and other exile publishing houses
  •   Library of Viktors Vonogs


The collection of archaeology

  •   Stray finds of Neolithic era and Bronze Age
  •   Excavation materials from Piziču-Kaupra hill ancient burial site; excavation materials from Trūpu Middle Age cemetery
  •   Excavation materials from Ratinīku and Spriņģu castle mound
  •   Archaeological excavation materials from Rezekne mound protection zone before the construction of the centre of creative services of Eastern Latvia “Zeimuļs” was launched

The collection of fine arts

  •   The works created by members of Latgale artists’ group (30-ies of the 20th century)  – Francisks Varslavāns, Arvīds Egle, Vitālijs Kalvāns, Leons Tomašickis, Arkādijs Naišloss, Nikolajs Breikšs, Alberts Filka, and Jānis Gailis
  •   The works created by Rezekne artists – Osvalds Zvejsalnieks, Pēteris Gleizdāns, Māra Kalniņa, Elga Paura, Vladislavs Paurs, Anatolijs Zelčs, Agra Ritiņa, Jānis Plivda, Vēsma Ušpele, Kristaps Višs and others
  •   The works created by local artists – Staņislavs Kreics, Vitolds Svirskis, Jāzeps Pīgoznis, Aleksandrs Stankevičs and others
  •   Latgalian art in exile

The stock collection includes textile, numismatics, objects, written documents, photo negative files, and other collections. It is possible to learn about the objects in digital format