About us

The museum is a place in Rezekne, where the breath of history, stories about people and times gone by meet contemporary events and activities in which everyone is welcomed to experience something unprecedented.

The museum was founded in 1959 as a branch of Ludza Local History Museum and was located in a building where up to the World War II there was the central museum of Latgale. In 1960 the museum started to work independently as Rezekne Local History Museum. Soon after, it opened its own first exposition.

In 1990 Rezekne Local History Museum was renamed as Latgale Culture and History Museum (LCHM) according to the nature of stock collections and contents of work. In 1989 the museum opened museum reading room for its visitors.

In 1996 Rezekne City municipality assigned the three-storied building to the museum that was located next to the central museum building. This new building became an Exhibition House of LCHM.

In 2010 within the framework of ERAF and Rezekne City Council-funded Project, there were organized and launched museum reconstruction works. As a result the premises of a former exhibition house were reconstructed and there was built a new wing joining the museum of historic building and the exhibition house of LCHM into a single building complex. After the reconstruction the museum’s main benefits are: a suitable storage space for its stock collection, exhibition-conference rooms, visitors’ area, and an elevator, which provides museum access for disabled people and mothers with children carriages.

LCHM is a state-accredited institution, whose basic functions and specifics of activities are reflected in its mission – Latgale Culture and History Museum exists in order to build with the help of museum resources the image of Rezekne as the heart of Latgale, and to reflect its history from its inception to the present day, to explore cultural processes in Latgale, thus awaking the whole society’s interest in county and becoming an important object of tourism.

Since 2013 LCHM has been a structural unit of Rezekne municipal agency “Rezekne Culture and Tourism Centre”. The museum deals with the collection, research and preservation of tangible and intangible cultural values, as well as promotion of exhibitions, thematic events, museum educational sessions, meetings and other activities. There are 4 departments in the museum – stock collection, art, culture and history, and procurement department.